Webinar: Scrappage Incentive Scheme – 30 September 2009

The latest figures show that the Scrappage Incentive Scheme accounted for 25% of August new car registrations with over 100,000 vehicles now sold under the scheme.  SMMT hosted the third in a series of free on-line conferences to discuss the Scrappage Incentive Scheme and the impact this has had on the industry. SMMT chief executive, Paul Everitt discussed

Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

Presentation given by John Baterbee, Programme Manager – Transport, ETI

“Plugging-in Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles: Accelerating market growth for plug-in vehicles by enabling effective collaboration”

August UK vehicle production figures

Source:   Cars Commercial Vehicles  Total vehicles  SMMT Ltd Aug-09 YTD 2009 Aug-09 YTD 2009 Aug-09 YTD 2009 Total 56,737 575,153 4,821 56,571 61,558 631,724   -31.5% -44.6% -48.5% -62.7% -33.2% -46.9% Export 37,564 444,398 3,157 41,575 40,721 485,973   -37.5% -44.0% -46.4% -55.4% -38.3% -45.2% % of total 66.2% 77.3% 65.5% 73.5% 66.2% 76.9%

IATF Auditor Guide second edition for ISO/TS 16949

The IATF Auditor Guide second edition represents a consolidation of automotive audit best practice and the IATF automotive process approach to auditing, through the complete audit cycle. The Guide is structured to provide both knowledge and application competency criteria against each stage of the audit process.