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Logistics and e-Business

Logistics and e-business

It is estimated that up to 13% of a vehicle’s price can be directly attributed to by supply chain inefficiencies. In a multi-billion pound industry, a company can realise significant savings by making changes to its logistical processes.

SMMT supports the need for ongoing business improvement through the following:

SMMT’s subsidiary organisation, Industry Forum, also offers services in process improvement and organisation development.



Quality and the pursuit of continuous improvement in today’s fiercely competitive global automotive market are essential if companies are to succeed.

The quality of a company’s products and/or services is dependent on all of  its business processes, from design, through manufacture, to delivery and service. Competitive companies maximise process efficiency and effectiveness to minimise costs, eliminate waste and continuously improve what they do.



Funding and Support

Funding and supportAccessing funding, finance and support can bring significant benefits to your organisation, beyond just a cash or efficiency injection. The widening of your network, the development and commercialisation of intellectual property and entry into new markets may all result from participation in such schemes.

SMMT has a number of documents and events to help automotive business unlock the funding they need to thrive. These are shown below: