CO2 emissions data

The authoritative CO2 emissions figure will be shown on the vehicle registration document V5C (log book) for new cars registered from March 2001.

If you do not have your V5C / log book available,  you may be able to look this up online for new cars registered from March 2001, using the DVLA vehicle enquiry (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website.

For the latest official government information on vehicles and their emissions, please visit VCA vehicle enquiry (Vehicle Certification Authority) or download car fuel and emissions information.

SMMT information on CO2 emissions

The SMMT CO2 information covers all cars registered from January 1997.

Companies requiring comprehensive car make / model CO2 listings can purchase monthly, quarterly or annual updates from SMMT Automotive Information Services department by e-mailing

In addition to this service the SMMT offers a series of statistical reports linking the CO2 value to volumes of registrations, fleet/private ownership, and petrol/diesel split and market segment. See SMMT vehicle data for more details.

Individuals requiring general guidance on CO2 emissions level for different car models can use the search facility below, which is updated twice a year. Please remember that the values quoted are for the generic vehicle model / variant, but specific  CO2 emission values can vary for individual vehicles. This search facility is not intended for commercial use nor to check emissions of individual vehicles (see government information above).

While SMMT takes every effort to ensure that the information published on this web site is accurate, SMMT cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of content.