Motorists save money ”Driving for the Future”

19 November 2003 #SMMT News

A new consumer guide has been launched giving motorists practical advice on cutting their fuel use, helping the environment and their wallets!


‘Driving for the Future’, launched today by SMMT, tells drivers how to measure their fuel consumption and reduce it. CO2 emissions are directly related to fuel consumption so the less fuel a car uses, the lower its emissions.


Just a few small changes to driving style – using the highest practical gear, avoiding sudden acceleration and cutting speed – can all save fuel. Regularly servicing a car, checking its tyre pressure and keeping vehicle weight down can each cut fuel consumption by around eight per cent.


‘Driving for the Future’ also offers advice about buying a new car, understanding the CO2-based company car tax system, a guide to cleaner fuels and recycling your car at the end of its use.


Commenting on the new consumer guide, SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘The motor industry takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and has already achieved a massive drop in tailpipe emissions. New technologies, a trend towards smaller cars and diesel engines will see new car average emissions continue to fall but the ‘Driving for the Future’ guide will help overall emissions levels. Motorists can save money by cutting their fuel bills while helping the environment.’


‘Driving for the Future’ can be downloaded at and is available free of charge.




Notes to Editors:


  1. ‘Driving for the Future’ is available for media download from the press release at It will be available for public download from from midday tomorrow.



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