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A brighter future for Longbridge

03 August 2005 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

SMMT today welcomed plans to revive MG sports cars production at the Longbridge car plant in Birmingham.

In a statement from GB Sports Car Company, one of Nanjing Automobile Group’s three UK partners, the company said that work will begin to develop a range of sports cars. These are to be designed and developed for production at the historic Longbridge site with reports of capacity of around 80,000 units a year.

Commenting on the news SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘In a year when storm clouds seemed to be hanging endlessly over the Longbridge plant, this statement comes as welcome news. We wish the team working to deliver this plan our best wishes and SMMT’s support for a brighter future.’

It is thought that up to 2,000 skilled jobs could be created as part of the plan. Fraser Welford-Winton, MG GB Sports Car Company director, commented that they hoped to create a ‘centre of excellence’ for sports car activities in the UK.

Other UK partners involved in the collaboration include China Ventures Ltd, a company with expertise in developing Sino-European business and Arup, specialists in automotive design and engineering.

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