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Bywater proves haulage needn’t be thirsty work

04 January 2013 #Logistics #Top Stories

Haulage traditionally is thirsty work, but one transport specialist has shown that needn’t be the case.

Pall-Ex member John Bywater Transport ran a series of in-house fuel trials using comparable tractor units to select the most fuel-efficient truck. Two ECOSTRALIS tractors supplied by a local Iveco dealer have proven to be the cream of the crop – achieving 9.45mpg over 71,000 miles. The trucks have been in service with the company since March 2012.

With the two vehicles set to save an estimated 4,355 litres of diesel each per year Managing Director John Bywater is understandably happy. He says the ECOSTRALIS units compare favourably with the mpg achieved by the other vehicles in his 40-strong haulage fleet.

Bywater said: “The ECOSTRALIS’ have proven to be very economical at the pumps and are returning the best fuel consumption figures we’ve seen.  You always get a slight difference between comparative vehicles from different manufacturers, but in the case of the Iveco vehicles they are a league apart – and have been consistently since entering service.”

He went on to say that on the back of the two trucks’ performance, he has ordered a third unit for the fleet.