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Volvo and Shell push for more LNG use

27 March 2013 #Top Stories #Truck

Volvo and Shell have joined forces to increase the use of liquefied natural gas in heavy duty trucks.

The co-operation aims to draw on Volvo’s MethaneDiesel concept, in which LNG can be used in diesel engines, and Shell’s infrastructure to increase use.

Lennart Pilskog, Director of Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks: “Shell is a key player in this market and we are one of the leading truck manufacturers with an energy-efficient gas truck already available on the market.

“Together we believe that we can enhance and speed up the introduction of LNG to the transport business, both through our own activities and by inspiring others.”

Volvo’s FM MethaneDiesel is available in several European markets, including the UK, and has a range of just over 600 miles on gas. It is suitable for rigs between 40t and 60t and uses a mix of up to 75% LNG with diesel depending on the drive cycle. Euro 3 and Euro 5 versions can also run on pure diesel.

Although there is no figure on how much Volvo and Shell would like to see LNG use increase, Pilskog said the prospects for the fuel look very favourable.

“Using LNG in a diesel engine is very energy efficient. It is a new fuel option that could dominate for heavy duty vehicles for the foreseeable future.