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Auction LCV values fall in April

13 May 2014 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #News #Other #Van

Average used LCV values fell back in April – for the first time since late last year – declining by 2.9%compared to March according to auction monitor BCA Pulse. Despite this, April’s average value of £5,395 for commercial vehicles was the second highest on record since BCA Pulse began reporting in 2005.

Every sector saw a fall in value as fleet and lease LCV values declined by £314 (4.4%), P/X van values fell by £162 (4.3%) and nearly-new vans posted a fall of £2,152 (14.1%) – although this latter figure will have been as a result of changing model mix in a very low volume sector.

Values for all light commercial vehicles decreased to £5,395 in April – a fall of £162 (2.9%) compared to March’s average value.  Volumes rose during April with a greater percentage of fleet and lease stock sold, resulting in a richer mix of vehicles in the marketplace.

Year-on-year values remain ahead, up by £397 (7.9%) over the twelve month period.  Compared to a year ago, age is static at 58 months, while mileage has increased by around 3,000 miles on average over the same period.  Average CAP performance improved by half a point compared to April 2013.

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