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New Vauxhall Vivaro put through its paces in ‘extreme’ video

23 June 2014 #CV Sector #News #Van

News from Vauxhall: Vauxhall has revealed, in its latest video, the ‘extreme’ test procedures it has employed on the new Vivaro, at its plant in Luton.

The tests, which are designed to validate the agility, durability and safety of every new Vivaro, have just been introduced and are now seen as commonplace among the 1200-strong workforce at the historic Luton factory.

J-turns, handbrake turns and driving on two wheels across designated parts of the factory floor are just some of the tests that have been employed at the plant, and illustrate Vauxhall’s commitment to making it the toughest and most driveable van on the market.

Plant Director Mike Wright, welcomed the new procedure, “As Britain’s largest LCV manufacturer, we want to ensure that every customer receives the very best van that we can produce, and that means putting it through the most demanding manoeuvres we can think of.

“Our official test driver has now got his procedure off to such a fine art that it barely raises an eyebrow in the factory. They just let him get on with it.”

The New Vivaro starts production this summer, with 40% of its components coming from UK suppliers, many of whom are new to the company. Vauxhall is the largest manufacturer of LCVs in the UK, and has produced almost one million vans since the current model was launched in 2001. New Vivaro goes on sale later this year, priced from £17,995.

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