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Volkswagen announces CV model change

24 September 2014 #CV Sector #News #Van

News from Volkswagen: During the first eight months of this year,  Volkswagen increased its worldwide deliveries of the T5 series by almost 6% to 108,000 units. In August alone, 14% more T5 vans were delivered to customers than in the same month last year.

Since the beginning of the year, customer orders have risen so fast that the brand’s main assembly plant in Hanover, where the majority of T5 units are produced, has reached the limit of its capacity. To meet demand, the plant is now working an extra night shift. The order books remain full well into the first quarter of 2015. This year will be another record year for the brand icon which started sales in 1950 and in now in its fifth generation.

Dr. Eckhart Scholz, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, said, “The T5 is our best-seller and demand remains buoyant as before. That’s why we are working extra shifts. We see the uninterrupted enthusiasm of our customers for the success model as both recognition and incentive to make the next model into a best-seller. We can already announce today that we are proud to present the T6 within the foreseeable future. It will incorporate the excellent characteristics of the

T5 and it will also feature a whole load of new technology innovations. The result will again be an outstanding, reliable, technically refined, mobile companion for our customers to pursue their trade and leisure time activities. Until then, the T5 will remain our sales hit. The high level of customer satisfaction is evidence of this.”

Over the past two years, all employees have worked hard on producing the new model. The Tristar concept vehicle presented at the IAA already gives an outlook on the various goods and passenger transportation solutions which the T6 will offer in future.

The brand is currently well positioned and sales increased slightly during the first half of 2014 to 221,000 light commercial vehicles, previously it was 220,000.

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