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Tesco recognises its top drivers at exclusive event

15 October 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Van

News from Iveco: has partnered with Iveco to reward the success of 40 of its top drivers, each selected for delivering outstanding service on the doorstep. A group of drivers selected through customer feedback and judged on instances where they have gone the extra mile, were recognised by Tesco senior management as ‘Service Superstars’ and treated to a VIP driving experience.

The event held on 8 October at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, gave drivers the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most sought after cars – including the Alfa Romeo 4C, Ferrari 458 and Ferrari FF – each made available through Iveco’s sister company, Fiat Chrysler Automotive.

Drivers were also given the chance to put Iveco’s Hi-Matic automatic transmission through its paces on a New Daily, which has just been named International Van of the Year 2015. The Hi-Matic gearbox is set to be introduced next year, but the Tesco drivers became the first UK customers to experience it after Iveco shipped a test vehicle to the UK especially for the event.

Other highlights included a chance to put the New Daily’s intelligent Electronic Stability Program (ESP) through its paces on a damp test track, plus the opportunity to push their driving skills to the limit on Millbrook’s challenging off-road course in the latest generation of Jeep 4x4s.

Chris Burningham, Fleet Development Manager for, says, “As a business delivering upwards of half a million orders every week, it’s only natural that our drivers are going to encounter situations which are out of the ordinary.

“However, the way in which they have gone above and beyond for our customers was deserving of special recognition. Our drivers have not only helped to save lives, but to make our customer’s lives better too. We are extremely proud to have had such amazing range of customer feedback to choose from.”

Examples included one driver from Hereford who, on noticing a disabled customer’s garden had become so overgrown that it was no longer wheelchair accessible, returned on his day off to clear the garden so the customer could enjoy it again. Another driver from Surrey climbed through a window to give first aid when he noticed a customer had collapsed, dialling 999 and staying with the customer until an ambulance crew arrived. The crew said the Tesco driver helped to save the customer’s life.

Stuart Beeton, Sales Director at Iveco, explains, “In an age where we are all leading increasingly busy lives, it was touching to hear the personal stories behind each driver’s achievements. They are a thoroughly deserving group and well worthy of a special commendation. We hope they enjoyed their day behind the wheel of such a diverse fleet from within the Fiat stable, and we valued their praise for the new Hi-Matic gearbox.”

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