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Fraikin partners with Perpetual V2G on emission-free refrigeration

05 April 2017 #Aftermarket #News #Other #TNB News

Refrigerated vehicle specialist, Fraikin, is to begin trials of a zero-emission temperature-controlled vehicle system, in conjunction with Perpetual V2G, a supplier of battery-based power systems.

The company has been named as the exclusive leasing partner in the temperature-controlled sector for Perpetual V2G’s new silent-running, zero-emissions battery system. The technology can power refrigeration units fitted to 3.5-tonne light commercial vehicles, and Fraikin is making a demonstrator available for fleets to trial nationwide.

As the first system of its kind in Europe, it has been designed to future-proof LCV fleets against ever-tightening environmental legislation, by lowering emissions and sound pollution levels, while also reducing running costs.

The new technology can be charged via the mains or by harvesting wasted power through the vehicle’s alternator – one of the unique aspects of the design. For optimum efficiency, Euro 6 engine alternators operate intermittently, preventing them from providing the consistent charge lithium-ion batteries require to remain operational.

Keith Atkins, Fleet Operations Director at Fraikin, said, “The consistent power the technology’s advanced battery management system supplies to the battery pack is a key feature for us. It makes the system the only one of its kind in Europe capable of harnessing power through a Euro 6 engine, whilst retaining the ability to utilise stop/start engine technology – that’s a huge breakthrough, and one we believe offers significant potential to help fleets become greener, and save money.”

Andy Ling, CEO of Perpetual V2G, added, “The biggest advantages are seen in relation to urban fleets and start/stop operations. With a standard unit, the vehicles must be constantly idling, burning fuel and releasing emissions for anywhere up to nine hours per day. In contrast, our system can maintain optimum temperature without the need for the engine to idle.”