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Cartwright expands apprenticeship scheme

21 June 2017 #News #TNB News #Top Stories #Trailer

One of the UK’s leading trailer manufacturers is expanding its apprenticeship scheme to incorporate design and engineering as well as manufacturing.

Cartwright launched its manufacturing apprenticeship scheme in 2012 to help apprentices develop careers at its manufacturing facility in Altrincham, Cheshire.

The trailer manufacturer is now seeking young people to fill a series of roles on the design team in the engineering office as well as to help boost the production team, following the request of one of its existing apprentices to move into a design role.

Having studied Business Studies, Sport and Public Service for A Level, Josh Redfern joined the apprenticeship scheme having decided that he didn’t want to go to university.

Since that time, he has never looked back and is now studying for a BSc in Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University whilst continuing to work for Cartwright.

Josh, who has won several awards including Highly Commended in the prestigious EEF Awards and Apprentice of the Year in the Made in Manchester Awards, said, “The apprenticeship scheme is one of the best things I have ever done.”

“On the shop floor, I became an accomplished welder, coachbuilder and fitter, meeting the high-quality standards required by the business. However, after ten months I knew I didn’t want to work on the shop floor and asked to go into the engineering office.”

“I was proud to be the first Cartwright apprentice integrated into the design team and I found it immensely rewarding and very interesting. I enjoyed being a part of a close-knit team and being allowed to use my creativity and initiative to help drive Cartwright’s designs forward.”

Mark Cartwright, Group Managing Director, said, “Josh is a perfect example of how an apprentice can go on to achieve great things within our company. He is one of many from our first year’s intake who have gone on to perform extremely well with Cartwright – indeed we now have several former apprentices from that year who now hold supervisory positions with us.”

Now in its fifth year the original aim of the scheme was to find 70 apprentices over two years, helping them to develop skills in every stage of trailer manufacturing.

In that time, Cartwright has recruited over 100 apprentices and its accolades include the prestigious Motor Transport Apprenticeship of the Year Award, as well as its listing as one of the UK’s top apprentice employers in the National Apprenticeship Awards.

The scheme is designed to encourage school and college leavers to develop a range of both work based and social skills, work in a team and lay the necessary foundations for their future career in engineering.

During the programme, the apprentices earn the whole build process and develop a comprehensive set of skills before selecting an area in which to specialise.  As part of the programme, apprentices go to college on a block release basis at the Stockport Engineering Training Association (SETA) to gain the necessary experience in workshop training to assist in achieving the required standards for the Level 2 apprenticeship.

Mark Cartwright added, “Apprentices play a key role in every area of Cartwright. With their help, and with the help of our older, more experienced members of staff who regularly pass on the benefits of their experience, we are working towards building home-grown talent.”