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SEAT tests double-length trailer for factory deliveries

12 September 2018 #News #TNB News #Trailer #Truck

Carmaker SEAT and Spanish logistics operator Grupo Sesé have carried out a test journey for a 26-metre long double-length articulated trailer on a motorway in Spain.

The articulated unit uses a double trailer and truck combination and is claimed to deliver a 20% drop in CO2 emissions and a 24% decrease in transport costs.

Two 13.6m-long trailers are attached to a Scania tractor unit, transporting components from a supplier base in Zarogoza to SEAT headquarters in Martorell. The total length of the truck and trailer is 31.7m (including the cab), with a maximum payload of 70 tonnes.

“The duo trailer can halve the number of trucks on the road,” said Dr Christian Vollmer, Seat’s VP for Production and Logistics. “This implies huge benefits in terms of sustainability, environmental responsibility, safety and efficiency.”

If successful, the vehicle could become a standard feature on the roads of Spain, says the company. It could also promote more efficient multi-modal transport to Europe, added SEAT, as it is compatible with train wagon infrastructure.

Seat and Grupo Sesé have worked together previously, introducing a 25m-long ‘mega truck’ in Spain two years ago. The new trial is the first time that a dual trailer has been tested on public roads.