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£254 million funding package for bus services announced

28 May 2020 #CV Sector #TNB News

Bus services will receive a £254m government funding package to improve safety and restore services as the network works towards a transition to pre-coronavirus COVID-19 service levels.

The £254m for buses and £29m for trams and light rail is intended to increase the frequency and capacity so the UK can start moving back to a full timetable. The funding will be kept under review to ensure that full services can be up and running as quickly as possible.

The funding is expected to enable adjustments to vehicles, signage, deep cleaning and the provision of hand sanitiser.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the full service would only run at a fifth of the usual capacity because of social distancing rules.

Shapps commented, “To make sure people can travel safely when they need to, we are increasing capacity on buses and light rail, as well as helping local authorities fast-track plans to support cyclists and pedestrians, further reducing pressure on our transport network.

Chief Executive of the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) UK Graham Vidler, said: “We’re pleased the Government has recognised the important role the bus network is playing in helping people return to work safely and we look forward to receiving further details of the proposed funding. This is the first step towards delivering a more comprehensive bus network in the coming weeks and months and we will aim to have more buses on our roads as soon as possible. The funding review process announced today will be critical to ensuring the right level of resources are in place to provide communities with the bus services they need.”

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