About SMMT

Car Activity Group

The group allows Aftermarket Section members who are selling into the car-related independent aftermarket to:
•be kept up to date with SMMT activities and services relevant to their businesses, and to identify new ones
•identify issues relevant to their businesses on which the Society should act, subject to the approval of the Aftermarket Section Committee.

Any member of the Aftermarket Section operating in the car sector may join the group. All manufacturers, importers and distributors in the relevant product and business categories – parts, accessories, tools, in-car entertainment and security systems – are invited to join. The committee meets as required. Non-members may attend a maximum of three meetings to allow them to decide if they wish to join SMMT.

The chairman is appointed by the Aftermarket Section Committee, but does not have to be a member of that Committee. The chairman is responsible for the arrangements for each meeting. SMMT aftermarket specialists attend as observers and act as a link back to other SMMT departments.

Meeting notes are available to any member of the Aftermarket Section by accessing the restricted area of this site, or are distributed directly to group members by the group secretary.

For further information please e-mail caractivweb@smmt.co.uk

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