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Digital Radio Group

In 2009, the UK government adopted a policy for a ‘Digital Radio Upgrade’ – essentially, radio services now broadcast nationally on FM will switch to being broadcast on digital radio. As part of this plan, the government aims to have all new vehicles digitally-enabled by 2013, with aftermarket convertors available to deal with the challenge of the ‘heritage parc’. Its aspiration is to have the Upgrade occur sometime in 2015, although some conditions will have to be met before the date is confirmed.
This Digital Radio page will be used to post reports of SMMT-organised meetings, SMMT newsletters, and other information as it becomes available. However, there is a continuing need for direct communication with SMMT members – for instance, to invite them to meetings, or to request information – and interested members are encouraged to join the Digital Radio Group to allow this to happen.
Further information about the Digital Radio Group is available from either Peter Lawton (plawton@smmt.co.uk) or Natasha James (njames@smmt.co.uk).

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