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Electric Vehicle Group

The SMMT Electric Vehicles Group (EVG) exists to support the UK’s emergent EV industry. The group includes organisations from all areas of the sector, such as traditional volume vehicle manufacturers, niche vehicle producers, battery suppliers, charger manufacturers, energy companies and many associated stakeholders. The EVG supports this emerging industry to enable rapid and sustainable growth and ensure the UK can compete internationally.
Objectives of the Electric Vehicles Group:

  • To provide a forum for high-level discussion and development of industry consensus views on strategic, technical and sector-critical issues
  • To provide a platform for exchange, communication and promotion of those views to key stakeholders
  • To inform and influence policy making, public awareness and acceptance of the new technology
  • To encourage investment and funding including internationally mobile investment
  • To ensure international competitiveness by maintaining communication with and awareness of global activities
  • To promote global harmonisation of technical and safety standards

The EVG has six core areas of activity:

  1. Government – influencing policy, legislation and market development support
  2. Technical – regulations, type approval and homologation
  3. Infrastructure – engaging with utilities and local authorities
  4. Consumers and press – managing customer perceptions and awareness of incentives
  5. Funding and funders – informing R&D and business support initiatives
  6. Relationship development – facilitate and promote industry stakeholder relations


The term ‘Electric Vehicles’ is applied to any vehicle which is powered, in part of in full, by a battery that can be directly plugged into mains electricity. The EVG supports all electric vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, of M1 category and above.


Membership of the group is open to SMMT member companies who are involved in the research, development, design, manufacture and/or marketing of pure-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for commercial and passenger-carrying applications (excluding quadricycles). Balanced representation from selected elements of the component supply chain (e.g. batteries, fuel cells, motors, power management and ICEs for hybrids and EV range extenders) and EV infrastructure providers is encouraged (e.g. utilities, charging point manufacturers/installers). EVG information is shared only with members in the restricted area of this site, or as distributed by the committee secretary by e-mail. For further information please e-mail EVGweb@smmt.co.uk

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