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Off Highway Engine and Equipment Group (OHEEG)

The Off-Highway Engines and Equipment Working Group (OHEE WG) receives information regularly and discusses all issues related to off highway engines including;
•the development of UK/European and international emissions regulations (IMO, ISO, CCNR, EPA) for marine applications
•agricultural, industrial or construction equipment
•generating sets and small engines used in domestic/leisure equipment.
The group meets to examine specific OHEE issues, and when requested by the Environmental Policy Committee. The Off-Highway Engines and Equipment Working Group reports to and is annually reviewed by the Engine Section of SMMT.
A ‘one page’ synopsis of each meeting is sent to all members of the committee, and published in the monthly Technical Bulletin which is available to all SMMT members on this site.
Group correspondence is available in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Working Group secretary. Any full, paid-up SMMT member company can apply to join this group.
For further information please e-mail techwgweb@smmt.co.uk

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