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Passive Safety WG

The Passive Safety Working Group monitors all future passive and pedestrian safety draft regulation, keeps members informed of developments and briefs representatives with a view to provide effective lobbying in the appropriate regulation-framing arenas. The group also monitors draft ISO and CEN standards and provides a conduit through which members can influence the framing of the standards.
The Passive Safety Working Group meets regularly, reports to and is annually reviewed by the Car and LCVTC.
A ‘one page’ synopsis of each meeting is sent to all members of the committee, and published in the monthly PPVL Technical Bulletin, available to all SMMT members on this site.
Any full, paid-up SMMT member company can apply to join. However, group correspondence is only available in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Passive Safety Working Group secretary.
For further information please e-mail techwgweb@smmt.co.uk

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