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Sustainability WG

The Sustainability Working Group is responsible for: • meeting the objectives defined in the Sustainability Strategy • producing an annual sustainability report • revising the Sustainability Strategy and the reporting methodology on a yearly basis • disseminating the Sustainability Strategy throughout the UK automotive supply chain • ensuring the industry is engaging adequately with external stakeholder and policy makers on sustainable development issues. Additional, ad-hoc groups are convened as needed to deal with specific issues as they arise. The Sustainability Working Group is formed by the signatories to the UK automotive Sustainability Strategy, and is managed by a chairman and a secretary. The group reports to and is annually reviewed by the Environmental Policy Committee. Full SMMT members may apply to join the group. A ‘one page’ synopsis of meetings which is published in the monthly Technical Bulletin which is available to all SMMT members on this site. Group correspondence is available to members in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Sustainability Working Group secretary. For further information please E-mail techwgweb@smmt.co.uk

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