24 April 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT has today (Monday 24 April) responded to the Transport for London consultation on establishing a Low Emission Zone

30 March 2006 #Emissions #SMMT News

More evidence of investment to drive down new car carbon dioxide emissions.

28 July 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Cleaner vehicle grants face further delays this year, damaging the market for the cleanest vehicles and creating more uncertainty for manufacturers and their customers.

21 July 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Government figures, published today (21 July), show that UK motor manufacturers have beaten their CO2 emission reduction targets.

19 July 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Proposals for tough new emission limits have been published by the European Commission.

30 June 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Roll-out of a colour-coded label for new cars will begin on Friday 1 July 2005

28 June 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT has urged government to turn to the motor industry during its presidency of G8 and the EU.

13 April 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Today (13 April 2005), SMMT publishes its fourth annual CO2 report which highlights the downward trend in new car carbon emissions.

01 March 2005 #Emissions #SMMT News

Ricardo has begun work to develop a prototype engine which automatically switches between two and four stroke operation.

21 December 2004 #Emissions #SMMT News

Car makers and consumers face more uncertainty following news that the Department for Transport is revising its grant funding for low emission vehicles.

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