05 November 2018 #LCVs #Registrations

New van and pick-up registrations increase 14.1% to 28,494 units in October. Growth driven by

04 October 2018 #LCVs #SMMT News

Demand for large vans remains solid, but fewer purchases of small and medium models pull

05 September 2018 #LCVs #Registrations #SMMT News

New light commercial vehicle registrations increase 5.0% in August, as 16,394 vans and pick-ups join British roads.
Uplift in demand for popular large vans (14.6%) and pickups (21.4%) offsets declines for medium (-29.7%) and smaller (-9.3%) models.
Year-to-date market down -2.2% compared to same period in 2017, as monthly registrations continue to fluctuate.

06 August 2018 #LCVs #Registrations #SMMT News

New light commercial vehicle market declines -5.9% July with 23,309 vans and pick-ups registered. Double-digit

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