03 July 2012 #Environment

SMMT’s 13th Sustainability Report reflects more clearly than ever the progress UK automotive is making towards its long-term environmental commitment, driven by sustained investment in resource efficiency and the development of low and ultra-low carbon products.

18 April 2012 #Environment

SMMT’s 11th annual New Car CO2 Report, which shows ongoing reductions in average emissions of new cars. 2011 figures drop by 4.2% on the previous year to 138.1g/km CO2 (equivalent to 52.5mpg), down by over 23% since 2000.

29 November 2011 #Environment

The Best Practice Principles have been developed by SMMT, LowCVP and ISBA as a framework and a starting reference point for consumers, the automotive industry and its marketers in the sphere of marketing communications for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes).

15 November 2011 #Environment

SMMT’s 12th Sustainability Report is more focused, more efficient and has more of an eye on the future than ever before – reflecting perfectly the progressive, forward-thinking excellence that UK automotive is exploiting now and will hone as we move towards an even more sustainable future.