Dealer Energy Efficiency

Saving energy, saving money

SMMT, in association with the RMI and the Carbon Trust, has published the Dealer Energy Efficiency Guide providing expert advice on how best to reduce your energy use and improve your bottom line profits.

The automotive industry is committed to improving its environmental performance throughout the sector and will continue to support dealerships and their efforts to increase energy efficiency with zero or very low cost measures.

The average dealership could save up to £10,000 a year by cutting its energy use… and £4,000 of this could be saved without spending a penny.

SMMT has published a detailed Guide which provides steps on how best to take action to reduce energy use and improve business profits. Its findings are based on visits to a sample of dealerships across the UK, by a Carbon Trust-appointed consultant which found that significant savings could be made, often only resulting from small changes.

The survey revealed that savings of 25% are possible with modest undertakings. This is equivalent to £10,000, given the gas and electricity costs in an averaged-sized dealership, which is typically paying £40,000 per year. Energy savings of 10%, or £4,000, are possible from zero cost activities.

As energy costs are widely expected to increase over time, action now will deliver increased benefits in the future.

SMMT has also developed some guidance and tips for saving water and how best to dispose of waste. These follow many of the same basic principles of how to become energy efficient and suggest adopting a seven step action plan for change.

SMMT has summarised the key steps towards improving your environmental performance in the video below.

To download the full Guide, click here, or for a brief summary click here.