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SMMT Position Paper on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles will provide huge social, industrial and economic benefits to the UK. In particular, these innovative vehicles will expand our industrial base, improve safety and congestion, drive up productivity and free up space usually devoted to vehicles in our urban areas.

According to the KPMG study commissioned by SMMT, connected and autonomous vehicles are set to add £51 billion a year to the UK economy by 2030. This is in addition to creating 320,000 jobs news, 25,000 specifically in automotive manufacturing.

However, these changes also bring new challenges for the UK Automotive industry. SMMT has produced a position paper on connected and autonomous vehicles to set out the industry’s position on such issues as:

  • Data protection, security, safety and innovation
  • Vehicle cyber security
  • Connectivity and infrastructure
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Making the UK a global centre of excellence

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