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Over 1.5 million cars and commercial vehicles and 2.5 million engines are produced in the UK each year, accounting for 10% of the UK’s total exports. With an annual turnover of £59 billion and a workforce of more than 700,000 people, the UK is a key global player within the automotive sector and the industry is a significant contributor to the UK’s economy.

Everyone in the UK is affected by the shape of the UK automotive industry. Whether you drive one of the 31.3 million cars on the UK’s roads or work in the industry, buy from the millions of retailers serviced by the truck and haulage sector or support your own business through use of a small van, the automotive industry has a wide-reaching impact.

Like all industries, the automotive sector is facing a challenging time. The current economic climate and weak consumer confidence has resulted in falling registrations, across the entire vehicle market. While UK automotive production feeds global demand, strong and decisive action in the UK is needed to stabilise the new car market in particular, to assure the long term health of this vital contributor to the UK economy.

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