Supply Chain

A flourishing UK supply base is fundamental to the future success of the wider automotive industry. The UK is home to over 30 companies manufacturing cars, vans, trucks, buses and engines, with a collective desire to increase local sourcing. With 19 of the world’s top 20 automotive suppliers operating on British soil, the outlook is promising, and SMMT is committed to continue driving growth in the supply chain.

SMMT supply chain activities:

Automotive Council: Supply Chain Group work

SMMT is an active member of the Automotive Council, a group established to increase collaboration between industry and government, with a Supply Chain Group (SCG) including representatives from major vehicle manufacturers and automotive organisations. SMMT works to develop and contribute towards the SCG strategies and activities. One of the key responsibilities of SMMT is to identify and facilitate more business opportunities for suppliers. Read More.

Meet the Buyer events

The events match UK suppliers with OEM and tier 1 buyers based on the buyers’ sourcing requirements. The events act as excellent business opportunities for suppliers to gain new customers. To date, SMMT has hosted three nationwide events and three regional based events. Interested buyers are urged to contact SMMT; interested suppliers are urged to ensure their ASF profile is accurate and up-to-date. Read more. Click the link to view the latest ‘Buyer Demand Lists’, displaying commodities currently being sought in the UK.

Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF)

SMMT conducts regular research to ensure the database is as up-to-date as possible, developing tailored lists for OEM and Tier 1 buyers to create the best possible environment for the UK supply chain to thrive. Buyers can browse through over 4,000 product and service categories. Suppliers can create a free profile here, ensure your company details and capabilities are up to date to enhance your business opportunities in the UK. Go to ASF.

Automotive Components Section (ACS)

The committee aims to be fully representative of the industry with members from top, first-tier multi-national companies through to SMEs and meets on a quarterly basis to air issues of common interest and provide the necessary input to SMMT on future direction. Read more.

Please direct all inquiries about SMMT’s supply chain activities to:

Related activities and resources

SMMT hosts two Open Forum events per year to engage with a wider industry audience through a series of presentation providing advice and studies for supplier companies as well as being an excellent networking opportunity. For more information please email

Industry Forum (IF) is a subsidiary of SMMT, based in Birmingham. IF specialise in process and efficiency improvement, organisation development, benchmarking, logistics and specialised supply chain solutions. Read more.

The SCG has coordinated the production of a ‘sourcing roadmap’ report providing an overview of opportunities in the UK supply chain, the report was published by Cambridge University, SMMT and BIS in March 2011 and is available here: Growing The Automotive Supply Chain: The Road Forward

UK map with over 30 manufacturing sites plotted across it. View map.