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Euro-6 comes into force across Europe

01 September 2015 #Emissions #SMMT News
  • New Euro-6 legislation introduced for cleaner diesel technology
  • Auto industry and motor traders work together across Europe on clean diesel campaign
  • New website provides facts on diesel

Today (1 September 2015) the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has announced the official launch of Euro-6, the new European vehicle emissions legislation.

Since 1992, the EU has introduced increasingly stricter limits on vehicle emissions through a series of ‘Euro’ standards. Over the last 15 years, nitrogen oxide (NOx) limits for diesel car engines have been reduced by 84% and particulates (PM) by 90%. Diesel cars also have 15% lower CO2 emissions per kilometre than equivalent petrol-powered vehicles.

The automotive and motor trading industries have launched www.cleandieseltech.eu to mark the occasion and provide information on what Euro-6 means for the industry and for air quality. The website provides infographics which demonstrate the ways in which technology has advanced over the years and outline the three part system, made up of advanced engines, cleaner diesel fuel and effective emissions controls.

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