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Bus and Coach TC

The Bus and Coach Technical Committee is responsible for matters of unique interest to manufacturers of buses and coaches (including mini-buses). The committee also acts to ensure that the position of members are adequately represented by other SMMT committees.

The Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities to represent the interest of its members on matters of a technical nature. The committee also ensures that member interests are established and communicated to both national and international bodies which are able to promote these interests or influence the outcome of discussions on a related matter. Responsibility for specific issues may be delegated to an appropriate ad-hoc working group.

Any SMMT member company can apply to become a member of the committee provided they are willing to actively participate and contribute to debate.

The Technical Committee acts to take account of positions already or subsequently established by ACEA, OICA, CLEPA and EUROMOT.

The Bus and Coach Technical Committee reports to the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee and is managed by a chairman and secretary. The chairmen of the Bus & Coach Technical Committee is also a member of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee (HCVTC)

A ‘one page’ synopsis of each meeting is sent to all members of the committee, and is published in the monthly PPVL Technical Bulletin, which is available to all SMMT members on this site.

Committee correspondence is available to view in the restricted area of the site or as distributed by the Committee secretary.

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