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Commercial Vehicle Section/Group

The UK CV industry is a crucial part of the automotive sector, contributing significantly to the country’s economy and is at the core of the logistics sector which carries 80% of all freight in the UK.
The SMMT CV Group involves members from the whole supply chain: OEM and niche vehicle manufacturers, trailer manufacturers, body builders, on and in vehicle specialist equipment suppliers and service providers.
The main group which is open to all members meets four times a year with a Chairman elected from the membership.
The meetings are usually based on a substantial theme e.g. low carbon, skills, media relations, road safety, etc with guest speakers as appropriate. Members can then pick and choose what is relevant or of interest to them or suggest themes themselves.
Key objectives of the CV Group:

  • Raise perception and awareness of CV industry with Government, press and public.
  • Active and positive relationships with other UK and international industry bodies.
  • Active and positive relationships with Government, EU and other agencies.
  • Actively influencing policy and legislation.
  • Improve member engagement, representation and networking opportunities.
  • Discuss key issues, highlight emerging trends and identify areas of common interest.

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