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The Council meets twice a year, or more frequently if so requested by the SMMT Executive, or if 10 or more members so request. In particular, Council meets in November/December to approve the SMMT’s budget for the following calendar year as previously approved by the SMMT Executive.

Council also receives a review of the business of the SMMT for the second half of the calendar year, being the first six months of the newly elected SMMT Executive’s stewardship of the SMMT.

The second Council meeting is in June/July on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting, and receives a review of the business of SMMT for the first half of the calendar year, being the second six months of the elected SMMT Executives’ Stewardship of SMMT.

SMMT Council is comprised of the Honorary Officers, Past Presidents, the Chairman of each Trade Section and those members elected from each section of membership. Council-related correspondence is available to members of the committee in the restricted area of this site, or as distributed by the committee secretary.

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