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Cyber Security Working Group

The Cyber Security Working Group shall be comprised of representatives from SMMT members concerned with Cyber Security including Hacking, Information Technology, Vehicle Security, Wireless Communication and Public Key Encryption.

The group will consider Cyber attacks through both wired & wireless vehicle connections focussing on protecting the vehicle from internal/outside influence ignoring the method through which it is sent i.e. hardening of the vehicle.

Cyber Security Working Group Objectives

a)  To maintain and publish a SMMT (UK industry) position on the introduction of Cyber Security requirements, regulations or guidelines, referring to ACEA, CLEPA & OICA latest positions where applicable.
b)  To monitor and provide input to the ACEA TF-Cyber with regard to UK industry requirements in the C-ITS Platform.
c)  To monitor and provide input to the OICA TF/AD with regard to UK industry requirements in Cyber Security under the UNECE (WP.29) framework.
d)  To monitor the work of the EC C-ITS Platform with specific focus on Working Group 5 – Security activities.
e)  To liaise with the DfT and C-CAV on the UK government position Cyber Security and participate in UK stakeholder meetings..
f)  To monitor and liaise where appropriate with external bodies who may have a direct effect on a vehicle’s ‘cyber risk’ assessment or status e.g. The Association of British Insurers (ABI).
g)  To monitor the Cyber Security & Privacy subject in development of ITS Technical Specifications according to 2010/40/EU.
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