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Policy Co-ordination Committee

The Policy Co-ordination Committee provides a forum for members to discuss and prioritise the issues to be communicated to government and other appropriate influential audiences by the Public Policy and Vehicle Legislation Department.
The Committee reviews the issues affecting the motor industry and advises on the priority to be attached to each issue. The Committee also reviews the activities being undertaken to represent these issues to key opinion formers within government, parliament and the civil service of the UK and Europe. The Committee co-ordinates industry responses on key public policy issues and highlights policy issues where the SMMT needs to establish an industry view.
The Committee is open to representatives from full, paid-up member companies involved in corporate or government affairs activities, and in addition, a representative from each existing SMMT standing committee and a representative from each of the SMMT Section Committees. The Committee advises the Executive on the priority issues affecting the motor industry as a whole and flags those that require policy decisions.
The Policy Co-ordination Committee meet every two months, however, additional meetings on specific subject areas are arranged at committee’s discretion.
Prior to each meeting, a policy report is produced outlining the key issues dealt with by the Public Policy and Vehicle Legislation Department. Committee correspondence is available in the restricted area of this site or as distributed by the Committee secretary.
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