SMMT Events

Open Access

SMMT Open Access events are designed to help companies identify and meet with a number of potential suppliers and partners, all from the comfort of their own premises.


SMMT works with the host organisation to understand their areas of interest. This could be anything from direct suppliers through to indirect service providers. SMMT then reaches out to an agreed list of suppliers identified as meeting their needs from Auto Supplier Finder (ASF) profiles, inviting them to attend.


The aim is to drive new business growth between UK automotive companies, helping UK buyers identify competitive local companies and UK suppliers with opportunities for growth.


The events are designed to meet the specific needs of the hosting organisation. Most take place over the half a day, facilitated introductions to engineering and purchasing colleagues, a networking lunch and a tour. Larger examples include exhibitions and a full day of activity.


All Open Access events are by invitation only. If you are selected, SMMT will contact you. Ensure your ASF profile is up to date to maximise your chances.


If you are interested in hosting an Open Access contact us: