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SMMT Brexit Training Courses

SMMT is organising a suite of full- and half-day Brexit training courses to help companies in the automotive sector to prepare for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on 31 October without a deal.

Covering the topics of Customs, Trade and Rules of Origin, Regulation, Employment and Supply Chain Risk Management, these courses will be delivered across the UK and free to attend.

Select the course and location below to view more information about the course and to register.

Brexit Training Courses

  • The course will cover various key aspects of cross-border activities from a business, logistics and regulatory point of view.

    It is aimed specifically, but not exclusively, at the movement of goods to the UK from the EU and vice versa in the event of ‘no deal’.

    It is delivered in a very open and flexible way, covering the key areas but so that the concerns of the participants are addressed rather than just following a rigid agenda.

    The course encourages participants to discuss their concerns and raise their questions regarding the potential customs and border issues in the event of ‘no deal’.

    Midlands – 17 October Register here

    Wales – 21 October Register here

    London – 23 October Register here

    North East – 25 October Register here

    North West – 30 October Register here

  • This course will walk you through the most important international trade issues – including tariffs, trade agreements and rules of origin – and highlight their impact on your business after Brexit.

    It will provide a simple overview of the world trading system and trade rules and demonstrate how and where your business fits into it.

    You will gain a solid understanding of rules of origin, their importance and potential effects on your goods after Brexit, including through practical exercises.

    The course will also explore trade agreements and how to both access them and benefit from existing and new arrangements.

    North West – 23 October Register here

    London – 24 October Register here

    Midlands – 29 October Register here

  • We will examine three regimes of particular relevance for the automotive sector – automotive type approval, CO2 emissions and REACH – and consider the impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and the steps you need to take now to protect your business.

    We will also look at wider environmental governance aspects of Brexit, including the new Resources and Waste Strategy, Environment Bill and Office for Environmental Protection.

    North West – 29 October Register here

    Midlands – 30 October Register here

  • Law firm Gowling WLG and immigration practitioners, ASG Immigration Limited, will discuss the impact of Brexit on your workforce.

    They will bring you up to speed with what you need to know from an employment law and an immigration law perspective, to help prepare your business for Brexit, with or without a deal.

    London – 17 October Register here

    Wales – 24 October Register here

    North East – 28 October Register here

  • This one-day session is a chance to find out the latest on Brexit planning and explore why supply chain managers need to understand Brexit planning processes.

    Yellowhammer, D1ND etc – there is much new jargon coming into usage which supply chain managers need to understand, both the overview and where they can go for latest updates.

    North West – 16 October Register here

    North East – 17 October Register here

    Midlands – 24 October Register here

    Wales – 25 October Register here

    London – 30 October Register here

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