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For many years vehicle manufacturers have been working to reduce the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes. Achieving the right balance of economic progress, environmental care and social responsibility is of vital importance.

In the last 15 years, the automotive industry has made huge strides to reduce the environmental impact of its products throughout the life cycle. Since 1999, improvements in production processes mean energy used to produce vehicles is down 19%, water use is has been cut by 35% and 91% less waste enters landfill sites. Average new car tailpipe CO2 emissions have also been slashed and are down 31% over 15 years ago.

Looking to the future, industry will continue to drive down emissions as technical progress and a collaborative government approach will help to move the UK towards a more sustainable and low carbon future.

There are several key environmental policies which will affect the UK automotive industry and more details can be found in SMMT’s Annual Automotive Sustainability Report.