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Europe and International Trade

UK Automotive Priorities for International Trade

In 2020, the UK aims to deliver a trade agenda that is unprecedented in both its breadth and ambition. The most important negotiation it will undertake will be with the European Union. Securing an ambitious trade deal with the UK is the automotive sector’s top priority. European automotive is deeply integrated and it is one of the UK’s, and Europe’s, most valuable assets.

Securing an ambitious deal for automotive that delivers zero tariffs from day one, creates a new framework for regulatory cooperation and dialogue, minimises friction at the border and allows manufacturers and suppliers to move staff between sites in the UK and the EU without any unnecessary restriction, delay or cost, will benefit both the UK and the EU.

In addition to agreeing a deal with the EU, the UK must secure continued preferential access to key markets around the world. The most important for the automotive sector are deals with Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

The sector also welcomes government’s desire to improve trading conditions for UK automotive in markets where there are currently no preferential market access arrangements, including with automotive’s second biggest export market, the United States.