Business Competitiveness Programme


Goods moving between the UK and EU27 are previously deemed “intra-EU movements” resulting in very little, procedure or documentation between the relevant customs authorities.

Post Brexit these UK/EU27 movements could be considered imports and exports, which changes how these goods are treated, and the information and costs required to move them.

Customs procedures may be introduced requiring businesses to send information and data on their goods to UK and EU27 border agencies – in a similar way that has to be done for goods entering and leaving the UK from outside of the EU.

There may be additional checks/inspections on the goods you are moving across the border, that do not exist when moving goods within the European Single Market and Customs Union.

This may require new or extra capabilities within IT systems, especially for those businesses that currently only trade within the EU.

Given the potential changes ahead, businesses may want to consider obtaining AEO status and understanding customs regimes such as inward processing and customs warehousing.

Business may wish to seek advice on restructuring of logistical and supply chains in order to protect commercial interests.