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Transition and opportunity

The industrial transition associated with vehicle electrification is gathering pace. With it will come a significant opportunity for component manufacturers and the underlying supply chain as a new landscape is established.

A whole new set of vehicle product types are being designed, developed and manufactured in a wide variety of forms and powertrains, from small passenger cars to large commercial vehicles, to deliver against a vast array of future electrified applications.

Each will need its own set of specialised electric vehicle specific components ranging from cells and battery packs to E-motors and transmissions, inverters, and control systems through to fuel cells stacks and hydrogen storage. Each in turn represents an opportunity for the UK supply base to design, develop and manufacture the next generation of high value electric vehicle componentry for a new global market.

The UK is well placed to capitalise and be a part of the foundation of these supply chains. It has a rich heritage in automotive research and development, engineering and design and a world leading supportive infrastructure across both the academic space and government backed institutions such as the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Faraday Institution and the Catapult networks.

The UK also has existing and competitive manufacturing companies in many of the newer EV technology areas that are investing here in the UK, creating jobs, generating value and supplying high value products into UK finished vehicles as well as exporting overseas.

The EV Supply Chain Directory

This EV Directory provides a snapshot of the UK’s capability across the new technology areas which will be critical for the vehicle electrification transition. It is a showcase of what the UK is already doing in terms of EV component design, development and manufacture.

The purpose of this is to demonstrate the UK’s breadth of capability in this new technology space. It will also act as a guide for companies looking to source partners or components in the future.

It is meant to be a living document as industry continues to invest here in the UK and companies emerge with new and improved capabilities. If you would like to be included moving forward, please email SMMT will aim to move this publication to an online format later in 2023 to ensure it is as ‘live’ a resource as possible.

Broader EV Supply Chain support

SMMT supports UK companies in playing their part and becoming part of the foundations across the design, development and manufacture of the next gen of these high value products and their associated supply chains.

This Directory forms part of a wide programme of activity aimed at supporting and promoting UK companies involved in the design, development and manufacture of EV specific components. If you would like to find out more about this, please email


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