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Modec to build electric vehicles in the US

06 August 2009 #Emissions #SMMT News

SMMT member, Modec Vehicles, which prides itself on being the world’s first manufacturer of purpose-built electric vehicles, has struck a deal with the American firm, Navistar, to produce and sell electric Class 2c-3 commercial vehicles in North, South and Central America.

Navistar received a $39 million United States government grant to be put towards the acceleration of electric vehicle production and partnered with Modec because of the purpose-built aspect of its vehicles. Modec Vehicles was formed in 2004 and began production in 2007. Since then the company has expanded, now catering to seven countries.
In July, Tesla Motors, an electric sports car maker, was welcomed into membership of SMMT. The company will be represented on SMMT’s newly-formed Electric Vehicle Group which brings together a cross-section of the motor industry representing volume manufacturers, niche vehicle producers and component suppliers. Seeking to interact with government, stakeholders and industry both in the UK and internationally, the Electric Vehicle Group will promote a collaborative industry-wide approach to the development of ultra-low carbon technologies.
For more information about SMMT’s Electric Vehicle Group, please contact evgweb@smmt.co.uk.

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