SMMT reaction to Committee on Climate Change report

13 October 2009 #SMMT News

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has welcomed the first Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report to Parliament on government progress towards meeting its carbon budget by 2020.

The report identifies three areas which the CCC believes a reduction in emissions can be achieved from road transport – improving the efficiency of petrol and diesel powered cars, widespread roll-out of electric cars with the appropriate refuelling infrastructure and emission reductions from consumer behaviour change.
The report recognises that the automotive industry has made significant cuts in the environmental impact of its products, and that in the long-term more achievements can be made through pursuing a portfolio of technologies, including traditional petrol and diesel engines right through to hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles, as long as the infrastructure is there to support it.
Commenting on the report, SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt, said, “The Committee recognises that a portfolio of technologies will deliver emissions reductions in the medium-term and that if longer-term targets are to be achieved, that incentives and an integrated approach between industry, fuel companies and government will be crucial for the uptake of electric vehicles.
“Industry, through the work of the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team, has established a technology roadmap and researched priorities to enable widespread delivery of ultra-low carbon transport solutions,” he concluded.

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