VOSA Consent to Supply required by trailer manufacturers

11 July 2012 #SMMT News

From 29 October this year, manufacturers of three of the major trailer categories will require a Consent to Supply document to be issued by Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) before they may be put into service.

To obtain this document, the trailer manufacturer will need to apply to VOSA using the form and proving that the trailer has a form of Type Approval. No type approval means the Consent to Supply cannot be issued and the trailer cannot enter into service.

The categories of trailer affected by the 29 October rules include:

  • Category O2 (subject to plating and testing and having a maximum mass exceeding 0.75t, but not exceeding 3.5t).
  • Category O3 (maximum mass exceeding 3.5t but not exceeding 10t).
  • Category O4 (maximum mass exceeding 10t).

To achieve type approval quickly and easily, manufacturers should use the online SENTA tool, developed by the SMMT. The online guide is free to SMMT members and directs the user through the type approval process to produce the required documentation. For more information about the SENTA tool, visit


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