Advanced automotive manufacturing on show at SMMT

13 December 2012 #SMMT News

The latest exhibition to grace SMMT’s showroom in the heart of Westminster is a showcase of some of the UK’s most specialised advanced manufacturing companies, brought together by SMMT Industry Forum.

Industry Forum was initially formed in 1994 as a unique collaboration between leading vehicle manufacturers, the SMMT and government to improve the performance and competitiveness of the UK’s automotive supply chain.

Since then, Industry Forum has grown to become a global provider of innovative business solutions working with an array of companies across sectors including automotive, aerospace, construction, domestic appliances, electronics, energy and food. The organisation helps businesses to achieve sustainable, profitable growth through the continuous improvement of the capabilities of people and processes.

The companies exhibiting at SMMT are at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in the UK, showcasing innovative products offered by a selection of Industry Forum’s client base.

Click through the slideshow below to see all the photos from SMMT’s exhibition space. Details about the companies exhibiting are below the photo gallery.

Advanced Manufacturing

The company was established in 2010, with a modern, comprehensive manufacturing plant commissioned soon after. The high skill levels and creativity of its staff cater to both volume and niche orders of precision metal work. Investments over the last two years in robotic automation and substantial pressing facilities at this ISO 9001:2010 certified business have further broadened its capabilities in a variety of sectors.

The products on show at SMMT demonstrate the bespoke, multi-metal solutions that it offers its clients, including door assemblies and exterior trim for both Aston Martin and Bentley.


BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Ltd is the British manufacturer of Mono, the world’s first single-seat production supercar. Brothers Ian and Neill Briggs realised a long held ambition of designing and engineering their own car with the launch of Mono in March of 2011, adding to the UK’s expertise in specialist vehicle manufacturing.

Based in Cheshire, BAC sources almost all the car’s components from within the UK. The company already has distributor agreements in the key markets of USA and China, with export sales to many other countries.

In October 2012, BAC was proud to win the Northwest Automotive Alliance’s ‘Innovation Company of the Year Award’ sponsored by SMMT Industry Forum. On show at SMMT is a pair of Mono cars – the first time two have been exhibited together outside of the Cheshire factory.


With its beginnings in the healthcare sector, CTG subsequently explored use of composites in other areas, successfully developing high-performance components for use in Formula 1 and other motorsport. This led to further expansion into aerospace with performance-critical precision parts, before the company was acquired by Goodrich Corporation in 2010.

CTG is another British success story: a leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composite materials, products and systems. With a global customer base, the company exports its skills, technology and products worldwide, and is accredited to ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev C and ISO 14001 standards.

CTG’s exhibit at SMMT includes a range of composite propshafts, along with pressure vessels, hydraulic accumulators and a composite flywheel.

Performance Springs

Designing, developing and manufacturing high quality, precision, compression springs for applications from racing cars to heavy duty diesel engines, Performance Springs Ltd is at the leading edge of spring technology and innovation.

The business offers prototyping services as well as advanced testing and laboratory facilities on site and already works with many prestigious global OEM and aftermarket companies.

Working in conjunction with SMMT Industry Forum and the Northwest Automotive Alliance, Performance Springs has improved its business in a variety of ways, including achieving quality standard ISO 14001 in 2012 and developing new and existing markets in India and Germany.

On display at SMMT is a variety of springs and valves, as well as a cutaway cylinder head that demonstrates the products in context.

Polytec Group

With its global headquarters in Austria, Polytec Group’s UK operation focuses on car styling, offering its customers services including design, CAD engineering, model and mould construction, along with the full range of production and logistics applications.

The wider group company has more than two decades of experience in injection moulding and fibre-reinforced plastics as a manufacturer of original accessory parts made from both plastic and stainless steel.

Polytec’s products on show at SMMT include two examples of aerodynamic components manufactured for Ford and Jaguar at its Bromyard plant in the West Midlands.


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