Aston Martin invests in new apprentices

09 January 2015 #SMMT News

Apprentices - Jordan Higgins (2)

Over recent weeks Aston Martin has welcomed 14 new young people to join its expanded apprenticeship scheme.

The Gaydon-based manufacturer already trains apprentices in a range of highly skilled areas, such as product development, maintenance, manufacturing systems and support, paint operations and design. However, these latest apprentices mark a new direction for Aston Martin’s manufacturing methods. Two of the scheme’s latest recruits are new clay modelling apprentices, who will learn to take designs from an initial concept to full-size models. In addition, the manufacturer appointed its first set of craft apprentices in 2014 to develop artisan trim and sewing skills within the trim shop.

Having begun his own career as a technical apprentice, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer is a strong advocate of the apprenticeship scheme. He said, “The future success of the business lies, in part, with our ability both to maintain and develop our traditional craftsmanship skills and to continue to explore new technologies and ways of working.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to ensure we can do that, and I’m very happy to see such a vibrant programme of learning and development here.”

In the UK more than 160,000 people are currently employed by automotive manufacturers. However by the end of this decade 50,000 will need to be replaced by new employees, not to mention any new jobs that might be created. To ensure that the UK is able to meet this demand, the government and the automotive industry are committed to developing the next generation of skilled workers through schemes such as apprentices. Members of the UK Automotive Council are looking to recruit 10,000 apprentices and 2,000 graduates over the next five years. For more information visit the Automotive Council website.

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