Global quality management system leaders, IATF, welcome Jaguar Land Rover as new member

24 October 2019 #SMMT News

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF), a group of automotive manufacturers and their respective trade associations, has welcomed Jaguar Land Rover, as Tata Motors Limited official designate, into the IATF as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) voting member.

Jaguar Land Rover will help the IATF drive up quality and share best practice in the global automotive supply chain. Existing Task Force members include nine OEMs: BMW Group, FCA US LLC, Daimler AG, FCA Italy Spa, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, PSA Group, Renault, and Volkswagen AG, as well as five national associations: ANFIA, AIAG, FIEV, SMMT, and VDA.

Dr. Chris Owen, SMMT QMD CEO and IATF Voting Member, said,

We’re delighted to have Jaguar Land Rover join us at the IATF to further grow the UK’s support of the Global Automotive Quality Management System Standard. As we face unprecedented levels of change across the automotive industry, increasing the IATF’s capability to rise to these challenges is vital to ensure the standard remains effective today and fit for the future.

James Bruin, IATF Chairman, said,

The inclusion of Jaguar Land Rover into the IATF will contribute to the IATF’s capabilities as it prepares to embrace the challenges facing the automotive industry and ensuring the IATF scheme remains effective for today, and fit for the future. This marks a significant milestone in the history of IATF as Jaguar Land Rover will be the first new member to join the IATF since its creation in 1999 and is a clear signal of IATF’s intent to boost the scheme’s growth around the world.

Nigel Blenkinsop, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Quality, Product Compliance and Automotive Safety, and IATF Nominated Representative, said,

Jaguar Land Rover is honoured to join the prestigious International Automotive Task Force. We have long been advocates of the IATF’s work, which plays an important role in the enhancement of quality and sharing of best practice throughout the automotive supply chain. We look forward to helping guide the future development of the task force’s activities.

The IATF aims to provide improved, quality products to automotive customers worldwide and has issued over 75,000 certificates globally since its inception. It has oversight offices in Europe and the US, helping to develop consensus on international fundamental quality system requirements, in particular for participating companies’ direct suppliers of materials, parts or finishing services.

The IATF also provides policies and procedures for the common IATF third party registration scheme to ensure consistency worldwide, relevant training to support IATF 16949 requirements and the IATF registration scheme and liaises formally with other relevant organisations to support IATF objectives.

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