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British CV output nearly doubles in best August for a decade

29 September 2022 #UK Manufacturing
  • UK commercial vehicle (CV) production rises 92.9% to 6,132 units, marking the best August since 2012 and the eighth consecutive month of growth.
  • Overseas demand increases 78.4%, while production for UK operators more than doubles year-on-year, rising 119.3%.
  • Year-to-date CV output is up 50.3% at 64,828 units in the best year-to-date since 2012.

UK commercial vehicle (CV) production grew by 92.9% in August, with 6,132 new vans, buses, trucks, coaches and taxis rolling off British factory lines, according to the latest figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Production volumes almost doubled compared with the same month last year, when production lines and semiconductor supplies suffered from Covid-related disruption.

Accompanying robust demand meant that production was at the highest level for the month since 2012,1 with strong growth for vans as well as trucks and buses, as the sector recorded its best year to date performance in a decade,2 with 64,828 CVs built in Britain in 2022.

Exports continued their double-digit growth so far this year, increasing by 78.4% to 3,667 units, some 93.5% of which were destined for the EU. Meanwhile, production for the domestic market more than doubled, up 119.3% compared with the same month last year, reaching 2,465 units.

Overall production has risen by 50.3% in the year to date, at 64,828 units – some 19.4% higher than the pre-pandemic five-year average,3 resulting in the best first eight months of a year since 2012. The continued growth over the year is a result of strong order books amid robust demand from fleet operators, with Britain’s CV manufacturers demonstrating resilience and the capacity to deliver for home and overseas markets in the face of major global supply disruptions and economic challenges.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said,

Despite the toughest operating conditions in living memory, the UK’s commercial vehicle manufacturing output continues to grow, fuelled by strong demand and supported by easing disruption. However, spiralling energy costs pose a long term threat to the sector and its efforts to deliver zero emission transport. Government measures will provide short-term respite, but we need long-term action that will restore stability and boost our international competitiveness.

Notes to editors

1. August 2012: 7,608 units.
2. January-August 2012: 72,708 units.
3. Pre-pandemic five-year average CV production (2015-19): 54,754 units.

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