Automotive Information Services (AIS)

AIS case studies

SMMT vehicle data: case studies

1) Vehicle manufacturers / importers

Most volume vehicle manufacturers / importers are members of MVRIS and receive on-line access to MVRIS data. Other companies can purchase monthly or one-off reports. Vehicle manufacturers use MVRIS in a number of critical business function including tracking vehicle sales, sales planning and reporting, dealer network planning, product and factory planning. MVRIS reports are both used directly and via third parties who add value and service on top of the MVRIS data, including details of standard and optional parts, demographic analysis, vehicle registration mark lookup.

Vehicle manufacturers also use Motorparc data to plan and monitor total sales opportunity for service, repair and parts for vehicles on the road, both nationally and by region.

2) Dealer groups and service / repair companies

A number of dealer groups / service companies use a combination of new registration and vehicles in use regional data, down to postcode district level, to identify and quantify their total business opportunity for selling new cars and servicing / repairing old cars in specific regions. This information is valuable for business planning, changes to dealer networks / sales outlets and monitoring performance relative to the market.

3) Parts and catalogue companies

Parts companies use Motorparc reports to decide when and what volume of parts should be stocked for specific vehicle models in different parts of the UK.

Catalogues and websites use MVRIS model data to provide lookups and drop down lists, to guide customers to the correct vehicle model and parts.

4) Economic analysis and policy

The level of vehicle registrations (sales) is an important economic indicator. The Bank of England are always one of the first to use MVRIS data each month.

The growth and decline of the vehicle parc in different segments and sectors is also an important barometer of government policy and legislation, as well as a valuable measurement of the potential or actual impact of new technologies and regulation, including low carbon / electric vehicles.

5) Websites – model detail lookups

A number of websites selling automotive services and parts use MVRIS model details to drive their web page lookups, e.g. guiding the user through make, range, trim, fuel type, transmission, etc, to identify a specific model variant and code.

MVRIS model data comes straight from the vehicle manufacturers, can be delivered monthly, annually and quarterly and is significantly cheaper than some of the well known brands who research model and equipment data independently.