SMMT Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020 a group of 38 employees from across SMMT Group (comprising of SMMT, SMMT Industry Forum and The Motor Ombudsman) founded a task force dedicated to exploring Diversity and Inclusion needs and goals for the wider business. These ideas and identified priorities are set out in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, covering the period between 2021 and 2025.


Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive:

UK Automotive is undergoing an immense transformation and key to our success will be our people. A rich diversity of skills, perspectives and experience can give us a competitive advantage and that has to mean enhancing our diversity, never resting until everyone feels included and valued. SMMT Group needs to be representative of the industry it champions and the consumers it serves so our own workforce must be a mirror to broader society.

We are doing well in some areas but others need greater progress so there’s still much to do. This five-year strategy is our roadmap and there will surely be twists and turns on the way but the destination is clear. Above all, it is testament to our ambition and our commitment to create a culture where all can thrive and drive success together.

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