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Manifesto 2030: Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission Future

Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission FutureDOWNLOAD MANIFESTO 2030

UK Automotive plays a critical role in the economy and society – keeping Britain on the move. Automotive is a major contributor to the nation’s economic wellbeing, investing in and developing technologies to advance zero emission mobility, and providing well-paid skilled jobs in businesses and their supply-chains in all regions across the UK. Society, communities and individuals would be left in the slow lane without the benefits automotive brings today and will continue to bring in the future.

Automotive must carry the greatest burden of the decarbonisation of transport. We need to meet accelerated government mandated zero emission vehicle targets from 2024 and end of sale dates for specific technologies in 2030 and 2035. We must do this while taking consumers (and voters) on this journey – delivering affordable, sustainable mobility solutions and creating high paid, rewarding jobs and economic value for the UK.

Whichever party forms the next government, the next parliament will be critical to achieving the UK’s net zero targets and the long-term future of the UK’s automotive sector in the transition to zero emission vehicles. All parties and all stakeholders must make binding commitments to ensure the UK continues to thrive and prosper in a future driven by green industry and clean technologies. Automotive is at the heart of this.

The next government must recognise the strategic importance of automotive to the UK economy, maintain its diversity and strong heritage, and its strengths as a global leader in advanced manufacturing and technology. All parties should commit to five key pledges:

  1. A Green Automotive Transformation Strategy for a stronger economy
  2. Net Zero mobility for everyone
  3. Green skills for a greener future
  4. Made in Britain – Made for the world
  5. Powering the UK clean tech revolution

We call on all parties to enshrine our shared 2030 vision:

To develop a UK automotive ecosystem fit to deliver a zero emission future. An ecosystem which delivers a healthy market and vibrant domestic production footprint, founded on a resilient supply chain successfully evolved to meet current and future technological needs for a zero emission future. An ecosystem which delivers the affordability, mobility and charging solutions for everyone.


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